A usable, functional kitchen, with sufficient cupboard and counter space, working appliances, and room to work is essential for a comfortable and happy home. If you’ve considered remodeling your existing kitchen because it’s too cramped, poorly laid out, or just out of date (we’re looking at you, scalloped wood cabinet trim), you might have some concerns about the project, but more importantly, about how you’re going to eat while your kitchen is out of commission. While going out to eat is great, you can’t do it everyday, for every meal. Here are some tips to avoid going without a good meal during your remodel:



If it won’t be in the way of your remodel, consider moving your necessary kitchen appliances like your stove and refrigerator to another space, like your garage. Do your cooking prep in a clean, indoor space, then bring it out to the garage to cook. While it might lack counters and cupboards, you can still use your appliances to prepare meals.



Raw food isn’t just for vegans and vegetarians, in fact, we eat raw food all the time – fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc. If you can’t use your stove, you can eat a balanced meal entirely of things that don’t require cooking:
•  yogurt + fruit + nuts
•  sandwich with vegetables and lunchmeat + fruit
•  cheese + crackers
•  tossed salad
Breakfast is an easy meal to prepare without cooking
•  bagels, yogurt, fruit, and toast are all breakfast staples that don’t require an oven.

If you’re really not into the raw thing, there are plenty of options for microwave cooking as well. There are pre-packaged frozen and refrigerated meals, meats, veggies, and sides that can all be reheated in a microwave. There are even ways of cooking regular items like rice, and even cake in the microwave.



It’s not just for burgers and brats. You can cook nearly anything on a grill – meats, veggies, whatever – for a warm and delicious meal. Don’t let yourself be boxed in by traditional grill use; stick a saucepan on there to boil water for pasta or heat up Alfredo sauce, or actually grill your grilled cheese.

If you want to take it a step further, or just mix it up, you can even cook over an open fire (if you take the proper safety precautions and it’s allowed in your area). Don’t underestimate how good a hobo pie can be.



Living without kitchen appliances is a lot like living in a dorm room, so steal some of the dorm cooking techniques. You can use your coffee maker to boil pasta, use a hot plate instead of a stovetop, or keep your frozen items cold during the winter by putting them in the snow. Hacks are all about using what you have creatively, so think about how you can use the cooking appliances you can use in new ways (while still being safe, of course).



If you have a close friend, relative, or neighbor nearby, consider asking if you could share their kitchen, and a meal, with them for a dinner. Purchase all of the ingredients you’ll need, prepare the food in their kitchen, and of course do the clean-up afterward. If you’re worried about intruding, remember that it doesn’t hurt to ask, and chances are that they’ll happily accept – after all, who wouldn’t want to have someone cook for them, free of charge and in their own home. You’ll get the chance to use a full, real kitchen, and have an enjoyable social experience, too.


During a kitchen renovation, it might seem impossible to eat well without spending a fortune at restaurants, but if you’re flexible and creative, you can make it work. Implementing these creative cooking solutions in conjunction can keep you fed until your improved kitchen is ready for use – and will help you appreciate it a whole lot more.

Raha Builders can complete your kitchen remodel and get you back to cooking – contact us today to find out how we can help with your project.