Deciding to design your own home is an exciting undertaking for any homeowner or future homeowner. It can also be daunting, because there are so many beautiful homes and incredible features to consider. Where do you start? If you’re just starting out on your home design adventure, here are a few places you can gather inspiration for your perfect custom home:


If you have cable (or even just Netflix) you can take advantage of the reality TV boom; no matter what your style, there is a series dedicated to it. From HGTV to the DIY network, you can gather inspiration from flipped houses, tiny homes, renovation projects and new builds–farmhouses, ranches, Victorians, mid-century modern, and more. Even homes that aren’t to your taste (not looking to “go tiny” anytime soon, huh?) can still have great design elements that you can incorporate into your custom home. Plus, there is always the entertainment value (who doesn’t love Chip and JoJo?) to make this method of searching for home inspo just feel like fun.


We’re not discounting Google Image searches or Pinterest as great sources of home design inspiration, but personally, we love Houzz. Houzz has an extensive library of high-quality images from interiors to exteriors to fixtures and furniture, submitted by users and home professionals that are easy to search, filter, save, and share. It’s basically Pinterest plus Angie’s List plus Home Depot plus Bed Bath and Beyond, and if you set up an account and start browsing, you can’t help but be inspired.


Yes, they still exist! And while you might be able to find plenty of inspiration on the internet, there’s something to be said for glossy magazine pages covered in pictures of gorgeous homes. With physical magazines you get the added benefit of tearing out a page you like and hanging it up on your office cork board or refrigerator where you can look at it every day, or hold it up to your furniture to see if the paint color you love will match. You can buy magazines that meet your fancy, of course, and you should, but you can also find some in every waiting room, ever. You can turn your next trip to the dentist or eye doctor into an unexpected wealth of inspiration.

Local homes

Drive around your neighborhood and take note of design elements that you like, and take them for your own! Chances are that there are some cute houses nearby. And if there aren’t, find a different neighborhood to scope out. If you love the farmhouse style, take a long drive in the country past some farms. If you like contemporary homes, find a progressive new development to check out.

Your builder’s portfolio

You chose your builder for a reason, and it’s probably because they’ve built some gorgeous homes. You can see what they’ve already built (and bonus, you can be confident in how it will turn out on your home) and take inspiration from that. If your builder is experienced with custom homes, they will have a lot of great homes to show you, and a lot of useful design input to help inspire you.

Don’t get overwhelmed when looking for inspiration for your new custom home. You decided to design your own home because you wanted a home that was as unique and beautiful as your family, and you’ll know what you love when you see it. Trying out the methods above can be a great starting place for the inspiration of your custom home design, and as you learn what you like, it will all start to come together.

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